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  China Railway Shisiju Group Corporation built up under the approval of the Ministry of Construction and governed by the State, has the comprehensive ability to undertake and implement construction projects. It has special Grade Qualification as main contractor for the construction of railway, Grade A Qualification as main contractor for the construction of highway, municipal civic works, Building and Architecting works, water and hydroelectricity Projects and Grade A qualification as specialized Contractor for the construction of Foundations, Tunnels, Road pavement and Airport Runways.
--Railway Projects
China Railway Shisiju Group Corporation plays a significant role in railway construction in China, having participated in the building of 37 key railways...
--Highway Projects
China Railway Shisiju Group has always
been engaged in the construction of
important national roads such as the Grade A National Defense Roads in 1960s and...
--Bridge Projects
Bridge construction has always been in superiority for China Railway Shisiju Group Corporation. In 1950s, it successfully built up Yongjiang Railway Bridge ...
--Tunnel Projects
"To pave roads through mountains, to build
bridges over rivers"----this is what Ye Jianying had once commented on Chinese Railway Bureau Construction System, ...
--Airports & Harbors Projects
China Railway Shisiju Group has taken part in the infrastructure construction for Chinese transportation, making remarkable achievements in railway and highway ...
--Other Projects
As to the civic facilities, China Railway Shisiju Group has undertaken resident and production buildings within dozens of railway construction administrative...
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